Creativity Films

Είμαι Υπεύθυνη

Directing, Cinematography and Post Production

Shot on location on the beautiful island of Thassos, "Eimai Ypefthini" or "I'm responsible" is a music video that tells the story of a relationship falling apart, but at the same time keeping a summer vibe that fits with the song.

Requiring a tough two-day shoot and endless hours of pre and post production, we delivered the project on time adhering to a strict deadline, thanks to the well organised pre-production work, and having a great team of people that helped create such a beautiful video.

Franki Louvaris

Sofia Papavasileiou

Music Production:
Giannis Kyfonidis
bk Studios

Directed by:
Thomas Doukinitsas

Kinesiology - Scenography:
Katerina Tsoumana

Director of Photography - Drone Shots:
Dimitrios Kardogeros

Camera Assistant:
Menelaos Primerakis

Niky Tsiakiridou
Theodosis Fylaktos

Make Up Artist:
Elena Louka

Hair Stylist:
Konstantinos Manikas

Penelope Tsiakiridou

Cameras - Lenses:
Videotex Productions

Motion Control - Gimbal - Lighting Equipement:

Thanks to:
Asimavgi’s Art Room
Limani Cocktail Bar

We wish to thank the staff of karnagio beach bar
Shot entirely in Thassos

Production Company:
Creativity Films Ltd. -

InFokus -

Executive Producers:
Alexandra Stefanidou
Penelope Tsiakiridou